Error "Your proposed upload exceeds the maximum allowed size"

Trying to back-up 13GB of data (files in documents, desktop, and pictures) to Amazon S3. The status window completed all steps up to “waiting for upload…”. After staying for 10 minutes at “waiting for upload…”, it error’d out stating “Your proposed upload exceeds the maximum allowed size”. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Lumi and welcome to the forum!

A web search for that message led to comments about a 5GB limit, and the S3 page on Uploading Objects.

That’s an awfully large object. Duplicati by default has a 50MB dblock file size, though it can be overridden.

What version is Duplicati? Is this a new job? Did job’s addition change a default size, e.g. Remote Volume?

That’s on the last page of the job setup, and sometimes confuses people. Current Duplicati tries to explain.

Another (maybe unlikely) possibility is that you have a big number of tiny files, stored deep down in folders.

Did you change the default Duplicati block size? (50MB)

Too many sizes :slightly_frowning_face: makes things confusing. Unreasonable disk space requirements is the issue we suspect. Choosing sizes in Duplicati has explanations, but technically “block size” (as in –blocksize) isn’t –dblock-size.