Error while running * Mindestens ein Fehler ist aufgetreten./At least one error has occured

Hi there,

I’m trying to backup a SSD to Jottacloud with Duplicati - for Windows and keep getting this error:

Error while running BackUp-C
Mindestens ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. [eng.: At least one error has occured.]

All other drives / backup jobs don’t have any problems.

Though I activated the debug-output option, there’s no log in the GUI.

How can I find out more about this error and what’s causing it?




try to export the job as command line and run it from a console window.

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Also check About → Show log which is the server log, not the job log – sometimes error info goes there.

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4+ hours and 230+ GB uploaded later:
“Backup completed successfully!”

There were several “Failed to process path” messages, bacause this is my windows disk and I have to exclude further files/paths. But normally this leads to other error messages in the GUI.

I’ll watch the next days with the GUI and command line…
But, however, thanks!


There I could see some http 500 internal server errors:

System.AggregateException: Mindestens ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. —> System.AggregateException: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (500) Interner Serverfehler. —> System.Net.WebException: Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (500) Interner Serverfehler.

Nothing I can influence, as long as it’s jottaclouds server, I would say.

If the server throws occasional errors at you, you can see if increasing your retry settings can help.


Your job log (if backup finishes…) will say how many retries it had to do. Other logs can show them, provided you run at retry level or greater. Examples: About → Show log → Live (in GUI) or log-file.

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There was an additional problem with large backups uploading to jottacloud leading to expired oauth handlers. So some jobs weren’t completed and I got no job logs.
But since the initial backup of this drive is done, the daily updates shouldn’t be any size problem.
So I’ll watch/adjust these retry options, if this error 500 occurs too often.

I’ll mention some things. Jottacloud changed authentication, but Duplicati’s partial fix is pending, however this other thread is suffering from a different error. Jottacloud support for us is limited.

There’s also a Duplicati workaround there using rclone which also seems to be glitching with Jottacloud.

Implement exponential backoff for backend errors #4661 is another option so far just in Canary releases which you may or may not want to use for serious work, as Canary can add bugs along with good things.

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Actually it’s suffering from 500 too, so keep an eye out for progress. There’s a partial fix underway.

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