"Error while Running Backup"

Trying to run my first backup, but it’s not going well. Hoping someone can help.

Getting this error:

Found inconsistency in the following files while validating database: 
 C:\Users\Benjamin\Downloads\AMD64-all-windows6.1-kb976932-x64_74865ef2562006e51d7f9333b4a8d45b7a749dab.exe, actual size 947070088, dbsize 0, blocksetid: 8183
 . Run repair to fix it.

So… I run the repair & I get:

Destination and database are synchronized, not making any changes

Looked through the forum, and found the suggestion to run purge-broken-files from CommandLine. Here was the result:

No broken filesets found in database, checking for missing remote files

Listing remote folder ...

Skipping operation because no files were found to be missing, and no filesets were recorded as broken.

Return code: 0

So… now I’m out of ideas. Anything else I should try? Don’t want to give up, but it really seems like this shouldn’t be happening.

No ideas? Anything I can try? Or do I need to delete and start over? I’m a little concerned this isn’t going to work… Trying to figure out if I can use this as a replacement for Crashplan Home.

I’m not familiar with this error, but a Google search for it showed the most successful thing to do (or at least the most recommended…) was to recreate the local database, and that should be a lot faster than a full start-over.

Database management shows what’s available, however you might want to make a copy of the database at the “Local database path” instead of just deleting it, in case recreate doesn’t resolve this, and we get another idea, however if the initial backup was big and slow , it might be faster (but less certain) to try to fix before recreating.

Although the cause of this was often mysterious, one case seemed to be a destination connectivity problem, so maybe you could provide environment information such as destination, operating system, and Duplicati version.