Error while running "Backup"

Hello, I know that similar problems have already been discussed here. Unfortunately, they don’t really help me. But that’s up to me. I really love Duplicati but I could never really use it unfortunately I can’t find any comparable providers either.

My structure
I have a small server at home. This is hosting Proxmox and Several LXC containers run on it. I also run Duplicati on a LXC Container and its running well. My hard drives are in the server enclosure and are shared through Proxmox with Samba. And I want to back up these hard drives to another hard drive in the server. So I have passed the hard disks through with mount bind. And I want to backup with duplicate from one mount bind to the other mount bind. But i get everytime the following Error. What can i do? I just Backup Data!

Error while running (The Backup)

Found 11438 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair

{“Name”:“Farming Simulator.txt”,“LastAccess”:“2021-01-16T20:57:12.4006886+00:00”,“LastModification”:“2020-04-13T12:14:05.7718395+00:00”,“Size”:99,“IsFolder”:false},

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It sounds like you successfully did at least one backup, but on a subsequent backup Duplicati no longer sees the backup target properly. Did you change the backup target or swap disks or something?

Thanks for your quick response.

I have created a total of 3 backups that have the same source disk but different folders. In addition, they all have the same destination hard disk. I have not changed the path. But the paths are samba shares. I have therefore also created bind mount paths again. With these the same happens. Missing Remote Storage. How do I mount samba shares so that this no longer happens. The looping through of the host hard disks from the host system Proxmox into the container will also help nothing or? By the way, the container is a privileged one.

Your three backups are using unique subfolders on this destination hard disk, correct? Just making sure they are not pointed to the exact same path.

I’m thinking the easiest way is to set them up as permanent/auto mounts on your host machine (via /etc/fstab). You then provide the container access by using bind mounts between the container and the host. Is this how you’re doing it? And the mount sometimes fails or?

I should check that again. I have backed up all of them to one folder. I will create an individual backup for each backup.
The mounts work, the hard drives are permanently mounted and always accessible. Even after a reboot.

Yes, it will definitely cause problems if you use the exact same destination path for multiple backups. At a minimum use a separate subfolder for each backup. (Technically there is a way to get around this by using the prefix option, but I encourage using subfolders instead.)

Pointing multiple backups to the same location will get you errors like in your screen shot.