Error stops backup

Just because I have an error that means to not backup at all?

It says

  • Error while running Backups3

Found 4 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair

So this is a solid legitimate reasoning to stop all backups from running?

repair and verify does not fix it.

I am convinced duplicati does not work, utterly convinced

Sometimes stopping when things seem broken keeps things from getting more broken.
Duplicati also has lots of internal self-checking. Same philosophy applies. Safer to stop.

Seemingly the safety of the existing backup is deemed more critical than doing another.
Probably the idea is that you’re better off stopping and fixing the problem (as per below).

Start backup while watching About → Show log → Live → Error to get missing names.
Assuming they’re all dblock files (not dlist or dindex), the sequence for this case is
use list-broken-files and purge-broken-files as described in Recovering by purging files
which will have to purge the specific files that had data in the files that are now missing.

If files go missing a lot, then that’s another topic, starting with information on destination.