Error restoring

i completly forgot the restoring password and now i get this message “Falha ao estabelecer ligação: A pasta de destino contém ficheiros encriptados. Forneça a frase-passe”. Any help please?


Sorry, but the encryption key is not available outside of your system. That’s the whole point of ‘trust no one backup’. Duplicati displays a strong warning when you are validating a backup with a passphrase saying that you need to keep the passphrase.
Now if you have done an export of your backup at some point, the encryption key is inside the json file. The idea is that the json file should be on a different computer than the backed up computer, or even printed (!) on paper, so that if you lose the original computer and have only the backend, you can still get back your data.
If you did not do that, sorry again, there is no realistic way that anyone can break the Duplicati encryption.

Is original system around? You seem to be doing a direct restore from backup files for some reason.
In this scenario, there are bits of information you need to have preserved, so check a lot of places…

thank you all, i will try it

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If Duplicati that did the backup is still available, it has all information needed. I don’t know your situation.

thank you everybody, its an old backup yes but now its solved. I started trying all the passwords i remembered and BINGO, i did it

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