Error on DB Rebuild - No files were found at the remote location

I’m in a loop…
Backup Config

  • MS One Drive v2 (other backups work fine)

Attempted Backup
err msg - The database was attempted repaired, but the repair did not complete. This database may be incomplete and the backup process cannot continue. You may delete the local database and attempt to repair it again.

Attempted DB Rebuild

  • recreate
    err msg - No files were found at the remote location, perhaps the target url is incorrect?


  • Even though the backup history indicates that a successful backup was run (several months ago), there are no files in the target folder on OneDrive.

I know I’ll be punished for this, but I:

  • created a second backup with the same src/target.
  • successfully performed a backup using the second backup config.
  • successfully rebuilt the backup DB for the first backup config, but it shows that there are 2 versions
  • successfully backed up using the first backup config
  • deleted the second backup config, local DB, and remote files
  • attempted to recreate DB on first backup config.
    — err: backup storage destination is missing data files.
  • repaired the first backup config
  • successfully backed up using the first backup config

Now it seems OK.

Is the net result a stable backup?
Should I cut back on the caffeine?


Do you have auto-cleanup turned on in Advanced options? That will repair during backup, if needed.
This isn’t the safest thing to do (no human oversight involved), but it can sometimes be a convenience.

Did you turn on any extra log file in Advanced options for any of this? If not, it’ll be more of a guess…

Meaning you looked some other way, so Duplicati recreate was seeing the same empty folder you did?
Most list operations are logged in <job> → Show log → Remote. Click line to see what Duplicati saw. Because logs are in the database, the successful recreate of first job wiped out failed recreate records.

Creating a new backup job

From what times? Is one the second backup (with same target) and the other the first where target was seemingly empty, causing error? Did you do more than one version for either of the two configurations? Sounds like 2 versions were not expected, so look at what you can with whatever logs are still surviving.
Repair run by hand or by auto-cleanup matter too.

This error is just saying you got what you expected? The backup shares the second backup destination.

Did you study result? You ran recreate and repair without remote files, right? My test errors in that case.
Could you say what Advanced options you set? You could also post a link to a bug report, if you want.

Thanks for all the feedback.
Things seem to be running OK now.

I think there may be a bug when trying to rebuild a local db if there aren’t any files in the backup target dir. In my twisted view of the world, I think the rebuild should not return an err, but just a clean db.

As a side note on what might have happened, OneDrive was broken on Jan 2…

It is not just you—Skype and OneDrive are down [Update]

It might be clean, but it would be empty of destination data. I guess we disagree.