Error: failed to read timestamp ... Not a valid Win32 FileTime

Getting an error:
Warnings: [
Failed to read timestamp on “C:\Users\JonDoe\Documents\some-dir\some-file.doc” => Not a valid Win32 FileTime.
Parameter name: fileTime

This machine used to back up fine.
We stopped backups for a couple of weeks. Then started again a few days ago.
Upgraded to the most current duplicati late last week.[I don’t have the version in front of me, and can’t easily get it right now.]

I’ve had some cases where I had to reset the Windows file attributes where some minority of files would fail to get backed up - but it’s been a while and I don’t recall the particulars. This appears different though.


This sounds similar to the topic below (although there the message was Invalid Win32 FileTime) where the issue was a timestamp for the year 30826:

If you look at some-file.doc in Windows Explorer, what do you see for the created and modified dates?