Error during backup (trying to delete file after renaming)

Today one of my backups produced an error. In the log I see the following messages and warnings:

Messages: [ Renaming “” to “”,
Listing indicates file is deleted correctly,
Deleted 1 remote fileset(s),
removing file listed as Deleting: ]
Warnings: [ Delete operation failed for with FileNotFound, listing contents => The requested file does not exist ]

I am running on Windows 10, and my backup is sent to a remote webdav.

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Yeah…I can see how there might be a problem trying to delete a file that was just renamed with a different time stamp…

Did the job fail or was this just flagged as a message?

It was flagged as a warning, not as a failed job.

Today, the job ran fine without warnings, but could the renamed file cause any problems during a resoration?

No, I think any restores should run fine. Duplicati keeps a list of what files are expected on the destination, so when a restore is done it processes only the files needed based on that list - it doesn’t just go by what’s found in the backup.

Besides, you’ve already done a test restore to make sure it’s all working as you want, right? :wink:

Well, almost… :disappointed_relieved:

I wasn’t expecting any problems, because it was listed as a warning, not as a fail. But thank you for the quick response! :+1:

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This should be fixed in the latest canary build.

Super! Since I use it for actual backups, so I don’t really want to use canary, but great to see it has already been picked up!

I did try a restore, and did not get any errors, so I’ll wait untill the next update of experimental.

Keep up the good work!