Error and configuration combo menu in two languages


My computer use English version of windows but has region configured to Spain.

That implies combo menu in two language:

As well as error messages:

This should only in one language.

Thanks a lot for Duplicati!!

Thanks @Backarchy!

I believe only UI features are translated, so the parameters in the configuration menu are always English (this makes it easier for Duplicati to process them).

But I agree, the “Error”, “Failed to connect”, and maybe “OK” in the error message probably should be translated. :slight_smile:

Hello @JonMikelV , I have some translations in Spanish that I have complemented as I do to collaborate with Duplicati and give them for next updates.

The parameters itself (like auth-username) are English, but the descriptions can be translated at Transifex.

For Spanish, the translation has been done partially:

There are currently 13 translators for Spanish. To contribute your own translation, create an account at Transifex and do a request to join the team.