Error after reboot during backup

Good afternoon people, this job I gave up and started from 0 again, I lost all the history because it could not stay that long without the most up-to-date backup.

The problem is that this week during the backup process of a VPS that I own, the server was restarted to update the Kernel and did not know that the backup was being done at the moment (it had already passed the average backup time in comparison with the others days).

In this new server, the backup presents the error, but does not show in the logs part.

Would anyone have a clue how to solve this?

Version name: “”

The “Result” entries are summaries of job runs. Clicking on one to expand it might include some information about the error.

Otherwise, try looking at the main menu “About” -> “Show Log” -> “Stored” page and check if you see any errors there.