Error: Access denied \AppData\Local\Temp\.dup-...18343c

I am currently running Duplicati - on windows 10 and have some backup threads. The biggest one always stops with an error.

Der Zugriff auf den Pfad "C:\Users\server\AppData\Local\Temp\dup-0b353185-ab44-4e3f-bf6f-55c0e618343c" wurde verweigert.

Which means `Access to path ā€œC:\Users\server\AppData\Local\Temp\dup-0b353185-ab44-4e3f-bf6f-55c0e618343cā€ has been denied.``

I can delete the file und there is enough space on c: but after i delete the file and start the backup I the the same error again with an other file


I made some trials. It seems that this error occours when the source folder has to much files or is to big. The source is 10,71 GB.

Hope someone can help.

What antimalware software are you using? I have sometimes seen antimalware software block access to the Duplicati temp files.

Thx thats a good hint. I will try it without Bitdefender Endpoint.

Thx again, that was the error :slight_smile:

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