Error 431: Entity Too Large

Hello @ all,

i need little help:
I have to upload some files from my server system to

This is a filesize im ammount of 5GB, splitted in little files of 250M.
All works fine, i starts to do something, and after longer time i got the error

431: Entity Too Large

I have another script, with filesize in amount of 150 MB, here works all fine.

Can someone give me a tip what can be the problem?



How are you uploading the files?

It sounds like this may be an OwnCloud or php problem more than a Duplicati issue…

I´m uploading via WebDAV.

Owncloud Support wrote, that in my user-package file-limit is 5GB.
So in summary the files in my upload-folder are 5,5 GB.

I changed my backup in 250MB-packaes - but I think, that Duplicati is generating
one big file and uploading it - so that the 5GB-mark is reached…

Is there any way to upload smaller parts? F.e. 250MB-splittings?

Thanks for quick answer


The final upload in the process is the “list of files” file, which unfortunately can’t be broken up. Is it possible you have a very large number of files?

@kenkendk, is there some way a user can see how big their “file list” file is?

Yes, its a very large list of files and (sub)folders.
higher than 1.000
is this the problem?

No, that number shouldn’t be an issue - perhaps I’m wrong that it’s the “file list” file causing the problem.

Can you Export your backup “As Command-line” and paste it here (after removing any sensitive data like usernames and passwords)?