Endless loop with services running, trying to start duplicati.server

Hi, not sure how I did it, but managed to do it a few times whilest trying to get the service component running. I started Duplicati service and nothing was happening, no tray shortcut shows up when I ran with --no-new-instance (or something like that…don’t recall at the moment but it was per the docs), so I proceed to try to run duplicati.server and pop, pop,pop over and over trying to open new windows for the app, so fast (firefox) that it was almost like a virus. Kept killing windows, saw 68 spawned at a time, because Firefox always tries to open the previous pages. Finally was able to get a command prompt and stop the service by typing one letter, close the spawning windows, type another letter and repeat until I could finally stop the server. Needs an error handler here I suppose.