Enabling HTTPS on Client

Is there a way to enable HTTPS? My client is running linux. I am currently running

Check out this post:

But a word of warning: if you’re doing this because you want to expose Duplicati web UI to the internet, I would re-think that. It’s much more secure to VPN to your private network and then access the web UI from there. TLS isn’t really needed on your private network.

As I understand it, webdav is running the backend/website? I ask because I am only familiar with nginx/apache(2).

Webdav is just one of the protocols Duplicati supports, it’s not its web server engine. I’m not 100% what the engine is but you can configure it to use a certificate with the appropriate command line switches per the post I linked above.

seems to be:


The C# WebServer used in Duplicati, based on https://webserver.codeplex.com/: