Enable encrypted backups

If i just create a backup, by default I see the ‘no-encrpytion’ option. if i set it to false, it asks for the ‘passphrase’ option eventhough I’ve specified a ‘Default Password’ in the GUI. How do I have it use that password? I’d rather not store my password in plain text.

The GUI password is different. That just protects the web UI from someone else using it. I would recommend using a different password for backup encryption, although there’s nothing that requires you to do so.

The password for both is stored in the Duplicati-server.sqlite database stored on the local machine. If you are using a Windows OS, the database is encrypted but by default it uses a known static password. On a non-Windows OS it is not encrypted. In either case it’s important to protect this database file.

Note that changing the encryption for an existing backup is not supported.

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I’m not following this. Is some of this CLI? GUI will offer Encryption “No encryption” but not by default.
Dashed no-encryption form is CLI. I can get mine to say Enter encryption passphrase:, but not specifically ask for a ‘passphrase’ option. As for your specified default, is that on GUI Settings page?

I tested some further guesses, but still don’t understand what was done originally. Please clarify.
What are you doing and seeing, and where (e.g. Linux shell, Windows Command Prompt, etc.)?

“Enable encrypted backups” is default and easy in the GUI. Password is protected as mentioned.
Getting that protection for a command line (e.g. a shell script or batch file) is difficult but possible.