Empty popup on opening web GUI

Every time I open the web GUI for the first time after startup, an empty popup is overlayed:

It contains no text so I have no clue what it’s supposed to tell.
I’ve also checked its HTML, maybe that helps:

            <div class="info">
                <div class="title ng-binding"></div>
                <div class="content ng-binding ng-hide" ng-show="state.CurrentItem.message || state.CurrentItem.enableTextarea">
                    <form ng-show="state.CurrentItem.enableTextarea" class="ng-valid ng-hide ng-dirty ng-valid-parse">
                        <textarea placeholder="" ng-model="state.CurrentItem.textarea" id="copytarget" class="ng-untouched ng-valid ng-dirty ng-valid-parse"></textarea>
                <!-- ngInclude: state.CurrentItem.htmltemplate -->
                <div class="content buttons">
                        <!-- ngInclude: state.CurrentItem.buttonTemplate -->
                        <!-- ngRepeat: btn in state.CurrentItem.buttons track by $index -->

I can only close it by reloading the page.

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Seeing this same thing. Firefox on Linux.

Just wondering if this is in the hopper to be fixed?

Duplicati -

Way to see is in forum or GitHub release notices. Specific GitHub notices can show later changes.

Empty Popup “dialog” opening web UI #4608 seems to be issue filed from this. I don’t recall a prior.
Neither report says how exactly they open the web GUI. There are a lot of ways, and it may matter.

FWIW I can get Firefox to do this with a right-click on a tab and choosing the Duplicate Tab item.
Chromium-based Edge does not have the problem for me. It’s unclear what @ptoews was using.

I opened 4608 this morning - continuing the conversation there.