Email subject date substitution

Is there a %DATE% substitution or something similar that I can put in the subject line of the emails Duplicati can be set up to send. The email works fine, but GMail puts the same subject into the same conversation, so it’s going to get huge. Partitioning them by date would be an easy way to have GMail bundle a few together, but not indefinitely. TIA.

I’m not seeing anything like that in the code, though it appears you can use any command line option (%<command line option name>%) so it it’s possible you might be able to get something out of there?

If I’m wrong hopefully somebody will let me know, otherwise it might be worth requesting such a feature be added.

No. There is currently no template expansion stuff. But maybe we should use a real templating language where stuff like this (and loops, if statements, etc) works.

It seems that Razor is the favoured .Net solution.

Thanks, but that seems rather over the top, and I’m sure there’s other more important things to spend time on. While I understand others might like to do fancy things with this, really all I’m looking for is a way to stop gmail etc lumping these all into one thread, date being the easiest thing to put in the subject line.

I have no idea if this would actually work, and it’s pretty hacky - but then that’s kinda what I do. :wink:

Could you use a --run-script-before script to dynamically change the DUPLICATI__backup_name to include something such as the current year+month?

If it actually worked it would let GMail group them by year+month so you’d never have more than 31 in a conversation (assuming 1 backup/day).