Email files backed up / status / errors?

One of the things i liked with Crashplan was the periodic emails saying the last time it had heard from each machine on the account. Very useful to see that one of your backups was in trouble.

I am a little concerned if i setup Duplicati on my Synology nas that unless i check it regularly i may find it hasnt been doing anything for a period of time.

I think it is quite important to have an option to email a status report either on a schedule or after each backup just so you know all is well. Obviously it is crucial that backup routines are actually backing up so very important to know that they arent.

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I agree this is important. To achieve this, you need an external service to make sure the email/notification is sent even if the machine has crashed or lost the internet connection.

I was hoping to get such a service running but other things came in the way.

The best version I can think of is to either set something up to poll the remote destination, and get a notification from that. Alternatively, you can set Duplicati up to send emails after each run, and live with the “spam” from successful backups.

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How do you configure the sending of emails?

There is a topic on that here: