Edit of saved backup sets has issues on Mac

I created my backup set, and was having difficulty getting the protocol stuff working (not the point of this thread). I created a second backup set with a single file to simplify the debugging.

When I tried to go back and edit the configuration of the 2nd backup set, it would display it, but after a second or two it would overwrite the backup set name with the name of backup set 1! Even if I retype it and continue editing, it complains at the end when I click “save” that (name of backup set 1) already exists.

The windows client doesn’t have this issue.

I am running Duplicati - on MonoFramework-MDK-

Hello @meeker, welcome to the forum!

I’ve not heard of this issue before - when you created the 2nd backup set did you use the same name as you had used for set 1?

No, it was a different name. The only common thing was the destination folder, which I learned later would cause issues.
I was using the Chrome browser if that helps.

I’ve pointed two different backups to the same destination in the past for testing purposes and, yep - it causes issues as expected, but I don’t recall job naming confusing being one of them.

Ahh…but I wasn’t doing that testing on a Mac. I’ll see if I can test again but on a Mac this time - and using Chrome. :slight_smile: