Easy way to see upload speed?

As with quite a few people I stumbled upon duplicati because of the crashplan announcement. I’m running a headless linux server which makes a replacement for crashplan much trickier than it should be.

I ran a backup job to GDrive successfully last night - Good Job!

My only issue is that I could not see the speed at which it was uploading from the WebUI. I’m sure this would be really easy to add somewhere, and maybe an ETA based on the average upload speed against the remaining data to backup?

This and the eventual implementation of continuous backup instead of a set schedule will make this a perfect replacement for crashplan.

Thanks for your hard work so far.

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Yes, the information is there, but I need a way to put it in there while maintaining a clean look.

The code supports it, but we do not yet have the file-change monitor code set up.

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My suggestion, with the disclaimer that I don’t know much about the constraits of the UI you’re working with: in the green “running” bar, add some sort of expander tick and/or link text for “show advanced details”, which when clicked, either expands the “running” bar with further details, or directs the user to an alternative page in the main body portion of the page with the same.

Yes, my idea was to have some kind of popup that could show more info, like the name of the current file being read, the name and size of the current upload, upload speed etc.


Hello @kenkendk. I like the idea of having a simple and easy-to-use interface, but I think the transfer speed is a necessary indicator for the GUI. Most operating systems already show file transfer speeds when copying or transferring files and browsers also display download speeds of downloading files. I believe that this will not compromise the aesthetics of the Duplicati UI, as users would have already encountered these indicators before.

I do like how Windows 10 offers a nice expanding option on file transfers that allows the user to visualize the transfer rate and progress all in a single graph. I would like to see some design elements being drawn from that.

Perhaps if it is necessary, I think there could a toggle between a “Simple UI” and “Advanced UI” so that it can be easy for people who want more information about the backup progress and setup.

Network transfer speed is a must, would greatly appreciate having it in the UI.

earpiece, would you be expecting to see total bandwidth in use or just what Duplicati is using?

If I recall correctly, the default configuration uses multiple threads so it’s possible an archive file is being uploaded while the next one is being created. However, there are parameters and/or instances where the multi-threading won’t happen or perhaps the upload thread finishes before the next archive file is ready.

What happens then - should the Duplicati report 0 bandwidth in use?

If that happens would the GUI need some other indicator that other things are going on (like “Awaiting next archive file”) so users don’t thinkg things have crashed?

That would be fine by me, it’s mostly a concern due to bandwidth limitations of my current connection, I don’t have much upload speed to spare so when I’m running a backup to OneDrive it is very useful to see what it’s using up. I don’t know if you’re familiar with sabnzbd but that is a good example of displaying connection speed (with an adjustable limiter to boot similar to Duplicati’s throttler).

Oh, man - I’d have to dig it my old software to remember what sabnzbd looks like. :smiley:

You wouldn’t happen to have a screen shot of it you could include for others that may not be familiar with it, would you? If so, you can literally just copy / paste it into your post as if it were text - it’s really pretty slick…

Screenshot I just took of sabnzbd, top of the program with time remaining, speed graph and speed indicator:

(Sorry, says new users are limited to 1 image/post, thought below would be useful too)

Here is the drop-down of the speed indicator, an adjustable slider to throttle:

I apologize if this has little or no relevance to Duplicati with respect to different languages/structures of the programs, it is just the first thing that popped into my head when I installed Duplicati (I had tried it a few years ago as well) and was impressed with how far it’s come. Figured it to be a good template to consider for possible implementation.

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I like the slider, and I know @renestach has poked med many times to add it.
The problem is that there is no real way to find out what “100%” is, as it changes with the line.

Do you know how it works in sabnzd ? Do you type in somewhere “this is my line speed”?

Maybe sabnzbd users are slightly more tech-savvy than the average Duplicati user…

Yes, this is a snippet from the General Settings page of SABnzbd:

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