Easy way to disable backend options?

I have a need to lock down the client to only allow for backups to a network storage destination, ideally removing the other backend options from the code. Is there an easy method of disabling the other backends without having to go over the entire project line by line?

You might get a better answer and I haven’t tried anything like this, but Branding and OEM customization:

Since the backends are loaded dynamically this would simply require that the unwanted backend files are deleted

(good news part above, bad news part below)

before repacking and signing.

Custom backend configuration might then apply if you’ve managed to at least cut down on backend types.

Does that imply more than simplify? Are there install controls that keep people from bypassing your work?

That seems to be up the alley of what I’m looking for. Will give it a shot!

The concern is that a user with know-how would be able to get into the GUI or CLI and change their backup destination. In a perfect world, they would not have that access and the client would only be able to direct to the approved network destination.

A user with know-how could just use standard Duplicati or some other backup program unless controls (technical or policy) block enough, but the world isn’t perfect, so it depends on how serious lockdown is.

That’s certainly your call, but ask questions if you like.