Easier to read backup reports or weekly summarization

Hey, folks. I just released version 2 of dupReport and it’s a lot nicer and cleaner than the old bash/awk version. Check it out on this thread, try it out, and let me know what you think.


@crazy4chrissi : Love the project. Any roadmap on future updates?

@Beshiros We just had an update today (see my comment here). Planned features include:

  • Improve lists of backup sets and backup reports (sorting, filtering, pagination)
  • better handling of backup set groups (e.g. toggle)
  • generate config-files that can be imported in Duplicati
  • “reseller” account to manage multiple sub-accounts
  • optionally send backup report emails for each backup run (not only daily)
  • improve daily email reports (e.g. add graphs)
  • add an API for monitoring systems like icinga/nagios/zabbix so they can check the current state of the backups
  • [your ideas here :slight_smile: ]

I can’t promise we will do all of this and when we do it. This project is donation based, we cannot spend too much work into it as long as we don’t receive a lot donations. So you know what you can do to speed it up :wink:

I like your reporting site. A reset-function for a backup set would be nice. So delete all reports, new bytes, modified bytes aso. Keep the configuration but just start again with “never”

@thommyX Thanks, seems useful. I just put it on our todo list and will let you know once its done.

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