Duplicatie cannot be opened

Every time I want to open Duplicati in Apps I get an error message: Cannot open Duplicati because it does not react. I can only open it with difficulties via the Terminal. What is this and what can I do tp get to open the usual way via Apps’.


You are not providing much information on what is going on on your screen, such as screenshots.
The theory of using current Duplicati on a Mac is:

  • you drag the dmg file downloaded from the internet to the applications
  • you are supposed to have Python installed, if not install it.
  • from a terminal run ‘sudo pip3 install pyobjc’
  • double click the Duplicati icon in the application
    then the running Duplicati icon appear in the upper taskbar, you right click it and select Open.
    then the browser opens with the home Duplicati screen.
    what is the step that you are missing ?

Thank you, your reply was helpful: my Python was corrupted or the like. I reinstalled it and everything woks fine for now. Hope not stays that way! Have a nice day!