Duplicatibot "Tips and Tricks" message has broken images

I just signed up to the Duplicati forum, and immediately was sent a “Here are some tips and tricks!” message by “duplicatibot”. It seems to be a tutorial on how to use the forum, which is all well and good, but the message includes at least two references to broken images.

The message ends with the following sentence:

Let’s start by bookmarking this private message: just select XXXX below and then hit YYYY.

Unfortunately, where I’ve inserted XXXX and YYYY are just blanks, which are references to images that aren’t available; the former is (not) at https://forum.duplicati.com/images/font-awesome-ellipsis.png , and the latter is (not) at https://forum.duplicati.com/images/font-awesome-bookmark.png . Obviously, either the images need to be installed or the message template needs to be edited.


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Hi @dtgriscom, welcome to the forum - and thanks for letting us know about the images! :slight_smile:

Something must have changed since I went through the “tutorial” because I don’t recall anything missing way back when. :blush:

thanks for pointing this out. I checked and can confirm the problem. @kenkendk, you’ll need to check the customized text under customize -> text content as I don’t have access to that.

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I think I have these corrected now.

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