Duplicati wont open at all blue wheel but nothing happens

Duplicati wont open at all blue wheel but nothing happens and the back ups cant be taken at all and no way of getting to software

This needs more info. Duplicati has no blue wheel but your OS and browser might. What OS and browser?

How are you trying to open Duplicati? Is this a right-click on the tray icon, then Open, or are you already in an open browser typing http://localhost:8200 or something? If you’re not doing that, try it. What happens?

Assuming this is Windows, what Duplicati processes does Task Manager show, and are User name you? Likely alternative is SYSTEM, but you would have had to run Duplicati.WindowsService by hand to set that up.

Did anything change on the system that led to this? Was Duplicati running well enough until the issue arose?


Apologies for bothering you! Already resolved it, only had to install latest version of Duplicati and all working again!

Issue was caused by an update not applying properly and it seemed to have been stopping Duplicati from opening. After I’ve ran full installation of Duplicati again and rebooted computer it was working again.

Issue is resolved.


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