Duplicati with proxy authentication

Duplicati cli is working with proxy when it is based on IP[allows listed IP’s]. When the proxy is based on username/password authentication, request is not able to reach s3. What is the format to pass the proxy credentials?

Local machine[duplicati] -> PROXY -> Destination[s3]

Options used:

Tried different combinations of auth details passing to “–s3-ext-proxyhost” but didnt work. Ex: username:password@IP_ADDRESS, http://username:password@IP_ADDRESS

Any idea how to pass credentials to make proxy auth work?

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You’re posting in Developer not Support category. Are you a developer? Theory and needed work may be

Couldn’t connect to minio server when proxy configured in linux

Note that a workaround with Rclone was posted, but there is no feedback on it. If it works, please post so.

Let me try the suggestion you posted[minio proxy]

Feel free, but my new suspicion is that the screen gets options from AWS lib then doesn’t pass to minio.
I would consider that a UI bug, but I’m not sure how the client choice would easily change the options list.

As per the duplicati-cli, following options are avaialble:

$ duplicati-cli help s3 | grep -i proxy

  • Extended option ProxyHost*
  • –s3-ext-proxyport = 0*
  • Extended option ProxyPort*
  • –s3-ext-proxybypassonlocal = False*
  • Extended option ProxyBypassOnLocal*

Same comment as for GUI options. I suspect they’re AWS (UI bug) but you can try.
Unless minio tracks AWS precisely, bundling two clients together gets confusing…

To confirm or refute the theory that the s3-ext options read from AWS client library don’t fit minio client library, pick a few safe seeming ones to try, if you like. Something safe but also totally blocking activity would be nice. Any effect of it? I don’t know the S3 options myself, so you might be better at choosing.

Perhaps you can file a GitHub Issue if you’re convinced that minio (done later) doesn’t fit the UI design. Both the GUI and the help should get correct, but I’m not sure how much rearranging that would need. Simple “solution” to the two-in-one problem would at least be some documentation to guide the users.

.NET Client API Reference doesn’t look (to me) anything like the AWS options plan. For proxy, they say what to do, and I don’t see the Duplicati code doing it, so it might need an enhancement request made.