Duplicati with JottaCloud on Synology NAS

Since JottaCloud is no longer supporting basic authentication, has anyone already figured out how to make JottaCloud working again with Duplicati on a Synology NAS (to prevent the [Error 401] (Unauthorized) error)?

Have a look here

Thanks a lot for the referral, I am aware of this thread. But it doesn’t help me with an update to the Synology package (as I am not able to create an update for Synology repos; who is?). I think the whole Synology community would be very happy with an update to Duplicati for Synology but I have no idea when it will arrive. Thanks again!

Then I missunderstood.
I own a QNAP an there is no official package for it. It is compiled from the community. Don’t know though for Synology.
You can install a docker container with Duplicati if there is no update for the Synology package. But we need to wait for a new canary version which supports the login method.

Sorry, I was totally wrong: there is no official Synology package and in fact I’m running Duplicati in a docker container. My apologies for this confusion (Duplicati is simply running and doing it’s stuff and it was a long time ago that I looked even into it). As I understand from your message now we have to wait for a new canary version which supports the new JottaCloud login method. So let’s hope for a quick patch to this and everyone can be happy again (I’m currently using other cloud storages with Duplicati but would very much like to start using JottaCloud).