Duplicati will be active for a long time

Hello good,
I wanted to ask you if it is safe to use Duplicati since we would like to use it for a project and we need to know for sure and the guarantee if Duplicati will be active much longer.

Thank you very much, regards

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Try asking that of even a company, and see what they say. Also see other topics here.

Even huge companies that seem very profitable may seek profit by killing off products.
Google is notorious for this. The ending of CrashPlan Home backup sent users here…

Nobody can guarantee the future, but 2023 Duplicati planning can be followed at topic:
2023 release planning
where it looks like there are finally enough volunteers to put out a long-awaited release.

If Duplicati ever becomes unavailable for future backups, you can still restore without it:
Independent restore program
and if Python also dies (seems less likely), I think there are some Rust versions around.

How long is “a long time”? In computing, things change. U.S. Library of Congress notes:
Digital Collections Management Compendium
One point that I always stress is that Duplicati is for backups, not for long-term archives.

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Code42 to Accelerate Insider Risk Management Solutions with CrashPlan Spin-Off
continues the CrashPlan saga, illustrating how a company can change product direction.

Tribute to Matthew Dornquast, Co-Founder of Code42
illustrates how even a personal guarantee (don’t ask for one here) is subject to person…
Similarly, there’s a question of whether a company guarantee lasts past a company sale.

Consistent and predictable guidelines for the availability of support throughout the life of a product.
is maybe what you want. That’s the claim of Microsoft Lifecycle Policy which is published.
If you can find a company that will put it in writing, and is big enough to stick with it, great.

Short of that, you can reduce risks of all sorts (including backup failure) by using multiple.
Using very common formats will also help. Worst is closed source with proprietary format.

Open source and open format is good, but most open source projects are also very small.
That puts you at risk of key contributors leaving, for whatever reason, e.g. truck factor 1…