Duplicati web itnerface hangs on "Finished!"

I’ve an issue on one of my machines. The computer is backing up to an SFTP destination and this works fine so far. However, recently the Duplicati web interface doesn’t continue after running 1 scheduled backup after startup.

The Web interface hangs on “Finished!” and if I enable live logging on the info or profiling level, I see the backup finish successfully. However, the “last successful run” is not updated in the web interface and Duplicati does not run the scheduled backup job the next day. If I run a backup from the command line, it runs just fine.

Duplicati is running as a Windows service. If I restart Duplicati, it starts running the scheduled backup again.

Any ideas what’s going on here?

Hi @bramd, welcome to the forum!

What version of Duplicati are you using? I think I recall an issue with an older version where the GUI would say “Finished” and the backup would be done but some database maintenance was still going on…

Hi JonMikelV,

It was version beta. It took me a while to investigate this further, since it is a remote machine and I don’t have access every day. I’ve solved the issue, it was due to the mail notification at the end of the backup got stuck. I set the recipient to a Gmail address and didn’t configure the SMTP server and authentication. It seems in that case that the function that sends email never times out. Could be me, but I would consider this a bug?

Thanks for letting us know what it took to solve this for you! I went ahead and flagged your post as the solution.

I did test a bad SMTP server (on canary) and it did not seem to get stuck like it did for you so I suspect the bug you experienced in beta has been fixed.


I’m also having the same issue. I tried to delete the configurations but it wasn’t deleted and is still stuck. Please help!

Hello @hizoka, welcome to the forum!

If you go to the main menu About -> Show logs page and select Live, what are the last few entries shown in the logs? (Remember, you can click on a log line to get details.)

Also, did you set up any email settings? Perhaps you are running into the same bad SMTP related issue the original poster had.

Thanks Jon, i think it is now resolved!