Duplicati vs Duplicacy vs Kopia vs Vorta

Hi all,
basically I nearly ready to go with Duplicati as my backup software, but was wondering if you tested the other solutions aswell and what made you stay with Duplicati? Or did you even see some benefits from the other software?

Price or yearly subscriptions are not important for me. I will do mostly “basic” backups to OneDrive and Google Drive. There will be one important backup set with about 100 GB and a second standard backup set with about 1 TB. Changes are not so often, so I not care too much about if a backup needs 5min or 10min. Also restores will only needed if my local backup solutions fail or get destroyed. So in the worst case I don’t care if the download needs 30min or 1hour. Important for me is the safety of the backup and that I can use it with a new pc, new OS installation if my current pc dies.

Looking forward for your opinions.


For one thing, Kopia is way faster:

Cpu: fx 6330
skyrim - 2GiB.

duplicati (zip, default)- 3:18m - 928 MiB

(kopia has different compression modes)
kopia-zstd - 55s - 878 MiB
kopia-zstd-better - 91s - 851 MiB
kopia-zstd-max - 367s (3m) - 800 MiB
pgzip - 29s - 955 MiB
pgzip-max - 148s - 915 MiB

fallout 4 - 4 GiB

dupliacti (zip, default) - 6:42m - 1.79 MiB

kopia-zstd - 67s - 1.64 MiB
kopia-zstd-better - 121s - 1.61 MiB
kopia-zstd-speed - 53s - 1.73 MiB
kopia-zstd-max - 622s (10m) - 1.54 MiB
pgzip - 52s - 1.76 MiB
pgzip-speed- 46s - 1.91 MiB
s2-def-4 - 36s - 2.02 MiB
s2-def - 34s - 2.02 MiB

Restore times are similar though (Kopia restores Skyrim directory in about 2min, zstd-max). Kopia doesn’t have native OneDrive client, yet. Also, main benefit of Kopia, for me at least, is all the configuration files are in the destination. So no worry about corruption of database or loosing configuration files. Kopia scales very well with big backups. But, on the other hand, Kopia approach to the structure of backup is pretty different than Duplicati, Kopia operates at repository level (something like virtual drives), where one put different source directories. Imho, Kopia requires reading documentation, while Dupliacti is very simple to set and run.


Thanks for your input!

I also read a bit in the different forums. Currently I’m thinking that Duplicacy seems a more enhanced version of Duplicati. So far, I couldn’t find any negative aspects of Duplicacy.

The negative aspect is the lack of free web UI. Personal home license isn’t expensive though.

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I tested it before settling on Duplicati. In general I like Duplicacy but my main complaint is that you only really can have one source folder per backup job. (Not sure if this is still a design limitation or not.) The workaround at the time was to create a folder and then make symlinks to all the various folders you want to back up, but this seemed really clunky to me.

I also didn’t like that the entire project wasn’t open source, just the command line version.

On the other hand Duplicacy’s lock-free deduplication was pretty impressive. It also seems to have a more active development team compared to Duplicati today.

I think this have changed now. I will start to make small tests with Duplicacy in the next days, as I see it as the best solution currently on the market.

Kopia would be my #2, it looks very promising for the future if they can release a stable (non beta) release. But for the start the concept is very good.

Duplicati is my #3. A possible database corruption makes me scare… Maybe it’s not that big deal, but I think the other solutions are more suitable for me.