Duplicati userdata gone after container restart

I’m using the Duplicati/Duplicati docker container. I have the container folder /data mounted to a folder on my disk. The folder in my disk is also full with sqlite files etc, but after a restart of my NAS, the device Duplicati is running on, my userdata within Duplicati is completely gone. I even got the “first time setup” popup, asking if this is a multi user environment or not. Backup tasks are gone too.

How is this possible? I have all mounts as the doc says and the folders are in use as well.

Sounds like the /data mapping to the host didn’t stick after a reboot. What NAS are you using? You confirmed the docker config for the Duplicati container is still mapping /data to the host?

If you get a shell prompt to the container itself, does /data show any files?

Here are me doing those checks on my Synology Docker Duplicati container:

I am using a Synology NAS.

The container does see the /data folder

But when i go to the Duplicati WebUI everything is still gone :(.

Hi there. Do you have any idea what’s going on by my previous post? Of course i can reconfigure all my backup tasks and they should work fine but i don’t want to risk losing everything again. What’s going on and why did this happen?

It still sounds like your container is not set up properly to me. Can you look at the volume mappings in the Docker config screen? Mine looks like this:

Here is a screenshot. I think my volume mapping is OK but for some reason my environment variables are suddenly empty, i dont remember setting it up like that. Could that be the cause? I see you have quite some variables. What am i supposed to have there? On the Docker Hub page i don’t see many environment variables listed.

EDIT: I just took all default environment variables that it gives me when i try to deploy a new Duplicati container, pasted them in my existing container and everything works again, all backup tasks are back like normal, so it seems fixed! I am not sure how my environment variables got wiped. Thanks for the help @drwtsn32

Good catch! Not sure how your variables were wiped out either. Glad you were able to resolve the issue!