Duplicati User?

I use Duplicati on Unraid 6.11.5 as a Docker. When I look at the username in Duplicati’s About->SystemInfo, it is “abc”. When I go out of Unraid with the Terminal function and invoke whoami, I get “root”. Why is there this discrepancy? Unraid has no user named “abc”. I apologize as a newbie for what is likely a dumb question.

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You’re not on a Duplicati-built Docker, so I had to research too. Your Docker is from linuxserver.io. Apparently this is their standard practice. Their forum has discussed it some, but I found details at

How does PUID/PGID actually work in docker which links to the code that sets up the user as abc.

The more important question is whether or not Duplicati UID has access to files it needs to backup.
Sometimes on systems that don’t run Duplicati as UID 0 (which is riskier, but backups may need it),
defaults need to be changed. If all is well for you though, don’t sweat the user name that they used.


The documentation of their usual UID plan was more familiar than the question about the “abc user”.
Understanding PUID and PGID says that you can change the UID if you don’t like the default choice.
There’s probably some discussion in this forum, and maybe in linuxserver’s and maybe Unraid’s too.