Duplicati stops after 2 minutes


I need your help, please. I’m trying to backup my windows user folders since 3hrs already without any luck…

Duplicati 2.0 beta runs (as admin on Windows 10 via non-SSL FTP to my Fritz.Box NAS) fine for around 1-2 minutes. Then the backup process freezes/halts without any notice or logfiles.
Duplicati is still reacting to PAUSE, backup process can be killed by pressing the X button after pausing and waiting for its final shut down.

First, I thought it is related to locked/active/opened files like NTUSER.DAT. But even any larger non-actively used folder does not finish backing up.

Any ideas?

OK, “fixed” it myself. Using a Raspberry Pi instead of Fritz.Box NAS enables Duplicati to run without these freezes.

Nevertheless, I had to delete and re-do a full backup as 8 files are not recognized any more by Duplicati and a database repair helps nothing with it. So far Duplicati’s BETA status is still valid.

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