Duplicati stopped backing up

On 10/23/2021, on 4 different Windows systems in different locations, Duplicati quit backing up. Additionally, those systems lost the Duplicati backup job configurations. These are the only Duplicati backups I have.

Has anyone else had similar troubles?

Could it be possible that you configured or changed or updated all 4 different Windows systems that broke the connection between local and target locations?

This can happen with any backup application though. All, every single one can fail. This is one reason why you do multiple backups with multiple applications. It requires more storage but then you have far better results and far less possibility for failure.

If you have Duplicati running as a service there are certain Windows updates that will move your config files to another location. See this issue on github for more details.

To prevent this it’s suggested to setup the service so it stores it’s config in a different folder by using the --server-datafolder (when installing the service) to specify another location for the config files, C:\ProgramData\Duplicati\ seems to be the best suggested location and with any luck will end up being the default location in the future, preventing the issue from occurring.

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