Duplicati starts up when paused and hogs the bandwidth

I set Duplicati to limit the upload bandwidth, so that it can never use more than 1/2 my bandwidth. That seems to work fine most of the time. During the day, I paused the backup from the UI for 8 hours because we had lots of family work Zoom meetings and we needed the bandwidth.

After 2 hours hours, I found that Duplicati had started up again despite being paused The Duplicati UI showed it was paused, but Task Manager showed it was running. It was not only running, it was uploading and ignoring the upload throughput limit. It was hogging all my upload bandwidth. . It crashed all the Zoom meetings.

I could not pause it from the UI because it was already showing it was paused. I had to use Process Explorer to suspend Duplicati to get my bandwidth back. This is causing lots of grief for my family members when their work meetings suddenly fail.

Windows 10
Duplicati beta 2020 01 08