Duplicati slow upload speed

Yesterday I discovered this program and im trying to make a backup of my laptop to my server by ftp but it only achieves 8MB/s and both computers has wired conections of 600Mbits i tried to upload a file with filezilla and the speed is ok it achieves 300Mbits I also tried to see if the button with the velocimeter has any cap activated but not both computers were on the same network and very near like 2m. I also tried to backup on google drive and it also only achieve 8MB/s what could pass? I tried with another backup program and it had a good speed like 400Mbs

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Duplicati will be slower than straight file transfer because it does some CPU intensive things, such as deduplication, compression, and encryption. That being said, 8MB/sec seems pretty slow for a 600Mbps network connection.

What are the specs on your laptop? OS, CPU, RAM, etc?

Windows 10 i7-9750H 16GB ram