Duplicati service does not automatically start in windows 10

I a running windows 10 x64 1809
Duplicati in portable mode as a service.

I need to manually start the service every time I boot or reboot the system. I have set it to automatic.

I have observed this only in windows 10 windows server 2008r2 works normally.

Any idea how to fix this…

Try setting it to “Automatic (Delayed)” recommended for any service that isn’t required during boot or needs other OS services to be running e.g. your Internet connection. I wish more developers used this service option.

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Duplicati service stops running
Windows Service fails to start #2717
offer some (rather technical) troubleshooting notes that might help. Or just try what @Taomyn suggests.

I’ve been getting the same issue and as a work around created a scheduled task to start the service on system start up by using the command line with highest privileges “net start duplicati” but with a delay of 10 minutes, which is plenty long enough for the PC to have settled down. So far I’ve restarted around 1/2 dozen times (we’ve had the power company doing some maintenance) and each time this has worked.

Hope it may help another at least find a work around for the issue.