Duplicati running really slow

Hey, I am running duplicati on a server that should backup my nextcloud directory. When I took a look at the installation today, I noticed, that ther hasn’t been any backup since June last year, and the status remains “Stargin backup …” forever. I cannot say, what dupliati is doint right now. It dose everything, but backup my data

Edit: Luckily for a reason I don’t know, it just finished, but took 3:15h to run the backup. For an increase of about 15GB new data, backup has right now a total size of about 140GB.

What version of Duplicati?

I have occasionally seen Duplicati hang, but it was many versions ago (for me). And like you, I didn’t really know it was hung. I had only configured email alerts on warning/failure conditions. I solved that problem by using https://www.duplicati-monitoring.com as it sends a daily email for all my Duplicati machines. Easy to spot now if a backup hasn’t run for a while.

I am currently running

My problem is, that I cannot say, what duplicati does, when it says “Starting backup…” for hours.

Can you reproduce the problem? Next time it appears hung, go to About -> Show Log -> Live -> and set the dropdown to Verbose, and let us know if you see events regularly or if even those appear stopped. Maybe paste the top 5 lines here.

Seems like it isn’t doing anything. I took a look at the Stored logs, and all of those I can see there show 1 error, which is “Duplicati.Library.Interface.UserInformationException: Found 1 remote files that are not recorded in local storage, please run repair”
Don’t know, if this could result in the behaviour I see, or if that is a different issue.

Edit: Ok, just ran the repair, and it looks like this might have changed something. Now the live log is doing something.

Edit 2: Since about 1.5 hours it stopped showing anything in the logs

Edit 3: Just looked again at the live log, and the backup finished. Unfortunately, I don’t know which event was the first after that long break, as not all events are shown anymore. Is there a way to maybe find that log in a file on my server?