Duplicati rights managment in raspian with OMV

Hi, I first installed openmediavault on my Raspi 4, added disks and defined various shares. Then I installed Duplicati via Docker and now I want to access the configured OMV disks. Unfortunately Duplicati does not find them. I think it has something to do with permissions. But I don’t know enough about it. How can I give Duplicati enough rights to access the OMV data as well.

OMV share:

/srv/ is empty

thanks a lot

The whole purpose of Docker containers is to isolate them from other Docker containers and the host system. So naturally, if you run Duplicati in a Docker container you cannot access the host’s file system. However, you can mount folders to your container e.g. by using volumes. Just map the host’s /srv folder to the containers /srv folder. Alternatively you could mount your whole root folder, but that defeats the purpose of deploying Duplicati via Docker.

How to create this volume depends on the way you access docker (via Portainer, via docker compose or directly using the docker cli). In Portainer there should be an option in the container settings to create such volumes. For vanilla docker you need to pass it via the -v flag and in docker compose it’s the “volumes” option in the yaml file.

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