I’m trying to create a test task for backup from the duplicati web interface.
I choose Storage Type - rclone.
Remote repository - [my rclone config] (rclone is configured, files in the cloud are visible).
Remote path - [Remote Folder on cloud]
Local repository - I read: “Local repository for Rclone. Make sure it is configured as a local drive, as it needs access to the files generated by Duplicati.” Where does duplicati generate files for rclone? It can be assumed in% Temp%. ok - u:\temp
I also add the path to rclone-executable.
I choose Source data.
I save the test task and run it.
Files are generated but not sent to the cloud.
If you look at what command duplicati generates for rclone:
“[local path to rclone]\rclone.exe” copyto U:\Temp:U:\Temp\dup-2af5ff33-8dd0-4273-a656-c914eb7b8a71 cloud-exbox-list-en:Tmp/duplicati-20191203T075028Z.dlist.zip.aes
If you run this command manually, an error appears: no files were found. Those. rclone cannot find files to upload to the cloud.
If you change the value of the [Local repository] to local for example, the command will look like this: “[local path to rclone]\rclone.exe” copyto local:U:\Temp\dup-2af5ff33-8dd0-4273-a656-c914eb7b8a71 cloud:Tmp/duplicati-20191203T075028Z.dlist.zip.aes

Those. duplicati adds the path from the [Local repository] variable to the command for rclone. But actually it is not necessary. If you omit these values, the command does not cause errors: “[local path to rclone]\rclone.exe” copyto U:\Temp\dup-2af5ff33-8dd0-4273-a656-c914eb7b8a71 cloud:Tmp/duplicati-20191203T075028Z.dlist.zip.aes

Yes, in windows you can mount disks via rclone, but this is not very convenient when there are several cloud storages.

My currently running Duplicati -, rclone v1.50.2

Please help configure duplicati with the rclone bundle in windows.

could you please export the backup config and post it here? Or at least the url of the destination.

Thanks for the answer, Wim_Jansen
The backup config attached.

Destination Storage Type: rclone
Destination Local repository: u:\temp
Destination Remote repository: cloud
Remote path: tmp
Source: d:\11
For reference: %Temp%: u:\Temp
One of the generated duplicati lines for rclone:
“d:\Util\BackUp\rclone\rclone.exe” copyto u:\temp:U:\Temp\dup-3c91cbfe-db9d-48dc-bd42-c66e7d924b54 cloud:tmp/duplicati-babe4d705919748da8e7b08a40ff1c02d.dblock.zip

As you can see, the “extra” path to the files from the Local repository variable is:
… u:\temp:U:\Temp\dup-3c91cbfe-db9d-48dc-bd42-c66e7d924b54 …

test-duplicati-config.zip (813 Bytes)

The local repository should be rclone repository. Set up a new rclone repository as “local” and refer to that one in “Local repository”.

The implementation probably could have been done without the local repository, but at time of coding, I did not know this.

You do not need to specify the tmp location; only the local repository needs to be set-up.

url should be something like: rclone://cloud/tmp?rclone-local-repository=local

The error will appear in any case, no matter what value I assign to rclone-local-repository.
To fix the error, do not need to set rclone-local-repository, but this variable is required.

I already tried to work around this problem by setting an empty value for rclone-local-repository, then the command for rclone looked like this: rclone.exe copyto **:**u:\temp\dup-6780acb3-ed59-4e1d-bde9-3aa219cd30bc
which also caused an error.

did you configure a local repository?

C:\Users\xxx>rclone config
Current remotes:

Name                 Type
====                 ====
local                local
remote               onedrive

Yes. After that it turned out to create a backup.
Thank you so much.

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