Duplicati Quarterly Update

It has now been 3 months since Duplicati Inc was created and it has been a wild ride already. I would like to highlight some of the key achievements we have made in that short timespan.

A new open-source beta release

It is always a big effort to get to a new release. Besides the development effort and coordination, there is always a high level of community involvement, testing a variety of configurations and choices that are not feasible to have in the test setup. During the first quarter we rolled up a year’s worth of community efforts into a new beta release!

New website

The Duplicati website has been based on a free template and has served as the face of Duplicati for several years. But the design looked quite dated, so we prioritized getting a redesign of the website up quickly to communicate that we are not stuck in the past :slightly_smiling_face: + provide a home for information on Duplicati Inc.

Duplicati Portal

With our interviews with the community it was clear that there was a need for a reliable monitoring service, so we made the first new service just that. For now the portal is only for monitoring, but look out for some of the new features we add to it very soon! We decided to add a free tier to support the community users who value free over advanced features. This choice was also made to signal that the intention of Duplicati Inc is not to close features, but add value on top of the open-source project.

The .NET8 transition

And for the open-source project we have already put in a ton of energy to close off several years of effort and over 300 commits required to go from .NET4 to .NET8. These updates were quite massive and will cause some friction going forward, but thanks again to the community many of the rough edges have already been ironed out, and a new canary build is available. The arrival of this new build coincided with the release of new Debian/Ubuntu versions that no longer provide the required libraries for the .NET4 builds.

Looking forward

We now aim to get the first stable build out, and since the .NET8 builds are now the only real option for Linux and by far the simplest for MacOS this needs to be expedited. There are a few stability issues that have been observed for some time, but it looks like there is now a real possibility to fix these.

For the portal we plan to add features that enhance analytics & monitoring, and simplify credential management / maintenance of backups over time.

To bring this vision to fruition, we are also hiring to accelerate the portal and the open-source development. For now we are looking for a technical writer to help write guides, documentation and other content. And we are also hiring full-stack developers to assist with improving the open-source project and portal. If you are interested or know someone who would be a great fit, please refer them to us!

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