Duplicati or Duplicacy

These 2 products seam remarkably similar. Are they produced by the same orgainisation ?

Orgs are completely separate as far as I know. The technologies differ quite a bit as well.

Yes, they are quite different although they both accomplish the same goal.

Duplicacy has compelling lock-free deduplication, which allows you to target multiple backups to the same back end storage and achieve global dedupe. Not sure how valuable that feature would be to you.

I tried out both products (and others) before settling on Duplicati. I preferred Duplicati’s web-based UI and the fact that the entire product is open source. With Duplicacy only the command line version is open source. Also I disliked how Duplicacy only lets you configure a backup job with a single source path. Seemed like a peculiar limitation to me.

I’d try both products out and see what you like better.