Duplicati on Zentyal 5

I have installed duplicati on a Zentyal 5 server ( based on ubuntu 16 lts). It backs most stuff up great however it won’t backup the /home/samba directory.
I have added my user to the root group however it won’t read the directorys even though the folder is owned by root and group permissions are domainname\domainusers.

I tried messing about with the folder permissions however I had to revert back as it messed all the domain users share permissions up.

Any help would be great, cheers.

Does that mean you’re running Duplicati as the tray icon and not as a service?

Hi, I have got it going as a service, although im not totally sure as I am a bit of a newbie to linux.

I used the following command to start it as a service on reboot; systemctl start duplicati


It sounds like you’re in the right track, though I think you might want systemctl enable Duplicati for it to start even if nobody is logged in.

I could be wrong but it sounds to me like you might be running it as a service but it’s only started after you log on so might be running under your account.

Did you set it up on your own or follow a ride here such as this one?