Duplicati on TrueNAS SCALE

I already use Duplicati on my PC.
I would now like to install it on a TrueNAS SCALE (latest version), but I can’t find any instructions on how to install and configure it.

Is there anyone who can point me to a guide?


no guide for TrueNas is known to me, but is Docker working for this platform ? If yes, maybe you could try it out - and do the actual guide yourself. Searching the forum (the looking glass symbol upper right of the screen) could be useful as well.

I don’t use TrueNAS (or Docker, or Kubernetes, or Helm, or Helm Charts) myself, so can help little.

Many of the Duplicati forum TrueNAS references are to TrueNAS CORE or maybe even FreeNAS.
TrueNAS Community has the same issue, but go there if you want generic help on Docker installs.
Backup tips (and apps) is an answer yesterday on how Launch Docker Image might be a solution.

Their documentation seems rather comprehensive, but maybe a big learning curve for a new user.
Different types of usage might also have different needs, e.g. is it home server or enterprise scale?

There are apparently major version-to-version differences too, e.g. 23.10 overhauled app screens.
It wasn’t clear if you downloaded Current Stable Version or Release Candidate Version for Testing.

If you like letting third party providers step in (I found some controversy), TrueCharts has Duplicati.
One third party image on Docker Hub is by LinuxServer.io, but Duplicati team has their own image.
How to set up the container for storing config on the host and getting host access are documented.
One difference is that Duplicati’s runs as root, so has fewer permission pains, but some added risk.

I upgraded my TrueNAS from core to scale.
Now I can use Duplicati again without the e-mail problem.
It works with the Truechart app off Duplicati fine.
I was not able to use a Host-path, but with the standard stored in PVC it works.
I imported my backup-jobs via file and my settings via text

Maybe a Host-path installation will hopefully work in the future.