Duplicati on Synology - requirements?

I consider replacing my 10 yr old DS211j with a new NAS. I like Synology, and 2-bay is good enough, so my choice is between the DS220j and DS220+ (@ about twice the price of DS220j). I would then like to run Duplicati on the NAS with a could target.
Can anyone share experience with either of theses systems in terms of suitability for Duplicati? It’s pure home-use, mainly as file-server for one desktop, 2 laptops, disks of 1x 4TB planned.
Thanks for sharing.


I have used Duplicati on my Synology NAS since 2017 with good results. First I used the native Synology Duplicati package, and then in mid-2019 I switched to using Docker.

Note that the native Synology package for Duplicati is not currently compatible with DSM 7, so Docker is your only option. The DS220j model does not officially support Docker, so if Duplicati and Docker are important to you, you’ll need to get that higher end model NAS.

Thanks alot @drwtsn32 for this valuable advise! This is a clear vote for the DS220+ :slight_smile:

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