Duplicati on Qnap crashes

I have installed Duplicati on Qnap with the help of the package from Qnapclub. This went fine for the first few weeks. But recently i have a problem with Duplicati stopping randomly. The web frontend isn’t accessible, there are no processes called duplicati running. Executing /opt/Duplicati/Duplicati.sh start results in Duplicati starting up fine and proceeding its tasks - for around 4-5 hours. Problem is further: the /opt/Duplicati/duplicati.log has no recent entries. I tried to delete it - it got successfully recreated at the next start, but it is completely empty.

I have no clue why Duplicati stops, and also have no clue why the log file is re-created, but completely empty. However, a backup service stopping at random is not very good, so i am asking for help. Has anyone an Idea what could causing these stops/crashes?

Can’t really disagree with you there.

Here are a few questions to get things started:

  • What version of Duplicati are you using?
  • Can you confirm that this is the QNAPClub Duplicati package you are using?
  • If you add the --log-file and --log-file-log-level=profiling (or --log-level=profiling if using pre- do you get more info?

I don’t personally have QNAP so can’t do any testing, but perhaps some of the other users who have reporting running Duplicati on a QNAP will have some suggestions: