Duplicati on MacOs X. Management over terminal

Question is really simple. I have several devices with Mac OS, Duplicati installed there, but I want to change a configuration of existing backup tasks in this software. Tasks have been created locally via GUI. Is it possible to do it over the terminal?

Hello @Evgeny and welcome to the forum!

I don’t use macOS, so this might be rough. Question might be really simple if I said no, but let’s try a bit.

If you export from the GUI to CLI, you could edit the text, but you lose server scheduling, notification, etc.

If you install third-party Pectojin / duplicati-client it might be able to help, but I can’t say (I haven’t used it).

If you install above locally and can get into the remote Duplicati via https, then you administer it remotely.

But if you can get in via https, you can also just use the usual web GUI.

If you rightly don’t want to leave remote web server too exposed, are you able to do ssh port forwarding?

I’d like to say you could character-edit the job export and import it back in, but I’m not sure how to export and import unless duplicati-client can do it. The normal GUI can do it, but Duplicati CLI doesn’t do server things, and export/import involve the server. duplicati-client reaches to the server by a low-level interface.

Thank for the answer. In my case, original duplicati clients have been installed week ago and I didn’t enable https on it. As I understand - I have no chance to change the existing backup scheduler remotely.

You might have a chance, but it depends on macOS and how technical/difficult you want to get with this.

I mentioned SSH port forwarding (also called SSH tunnel or tunneling). Google finds macOS discussion.

Ideally it would let you open a web browser locally to a special port (just as you do for local Duplicati) but actually connect to the remote Duplicati server over a secure connection, assuming macOS allows this.

It looks like file transfers are also possible, but then you get into much more awkwardness of stopping a remote Duplicati, copying its server database, doing a local edit, sending it back, and starting Duplicati…