Duplicati on aarch64

Hi guys,

Is it possible to install Duplicati on aarch64 GNU/Linux ?
I have NanoPi Neo2 with Linux openmediavault 4.11.2, Debian GNU/Linux 8.9 (jessie) and trying to install and run Duplicati.
No matter how I try I have always problem with mscorlib.dll
I have also posted on GitHub ( Issues with Duplicati plugin · Issue #2 · OpenMediaVault-Plugin-Developers/openmediavault-duplicati · GitHub ) but problem persist no matter if it is with openmediavault-duplicati or not.

Is there any way to run Duplicati on that platform?


I wrote a comment on that page.

Not sure how it works, but generally instructions for installing Duplicati is to follow:

Then use either the .deb or .zip.
For the .dep you should be able to run sudo apt-get install -f duplicati.deb and then just run duplicati or duplicati-cli.

If you use the .zip, then simply unzip the archive and run mono Duplicati.exe or mono Duplicati.CommandLine.exe.

I have already followed instructions from http://mono-project.com
I have mono installed. Its version is: arm64
Also ca-certificates-mono is installed in the same version.
Duplicati is
When running duplicati there is:
Corlib not in sync with this runtime: expected corlib version 1050700001, found 1050200001.
Loaded from: /usr/lib/mono/4.5/mscorlib.dll
Download a newer corlib or a newer runtime at Download | Mono.

Not sure why it happens here, but there is an SO thread that mentions the same:

It also has a few workarounds that are reported as “working”

I have already read it and it does not apply to my situation. Unfortunately :frowning: