Duplicati number of versions

HI need info. Can a lot of versions be a problem?
I have a backup running every one hour. Now have about 582 versions. Will there be a problem when I will have a lot of versions?
Also, is it possible to stop backup creation between 20:00 and 07:00 the next day?
Thank you

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More versions means Duplicati has to track more and more data about your backups. This could cause the sqlite database to get larger and make operations take longer.

I would consider automatically pruning older versions. Duplicati can support a robust retention policy that automatically reduces the number of versions the older they get. This is what I personally use:


This means:

  • For the most recent 7 days, keep unlimited (all) backups
  • After that, for the most recent 3 months, keep 1 backup per day
  • After that, for the most recent 2 years, keep 1 backup per week
  • After that, for an unlimited amount of time keep 1 backup per month

You can of course adapt to your liking. The custom retention policy option can be seen on page 5 of the backup job configuration:


The built in scheduler doesn’t provide support for that. Some have been able to do it using a custom script that runs before the backup job and tells Duplicati to not run the backup if it’s outside of a certain time window. Here’s an example script for Windows: Feature request: Better scheduling with Duplicati - #8 by drwtsn32